Random Videos

Underway in the rain making temporary genoa repairs...

 Us sailing somewhere......I dunno

 Osprey wallowing they're way into the anchorage at Royal Island.

Don't Look Back coming through the surf into Pipe Creek.

Christy explaining about the new lobster exoskeleton forming under the old shell.

 You gotta really trust your ground tackle to sit on a lee shore as the wind clocks through....

Bobs technique was textbook, the shot was perfect, it had to be, its tough to hit a bug that small.

Not much bigger than Bobs but it is bigger....  :)

Doing our part to eradicate the Bahamas lionfish infestation.

Dinner time is ALWAYS very exciting for the crew.

Sometimes the anchorages aren't as nice as the travel brochures claim.....

Hammerhead under the boat.....

360° of Raccoon Cay solitude.

 The view from Mollys Overlook.  If you listen closely you can hear the goats crying.

 Sailing with the Kokomos

When the weather goes to shit....it really does. 

The only good thing about motoring through a dead calm is that the dolphins show up even better than usual. 

Crossing the Gulf Stream