The Boat

Veranda is a 1985 Pearson 422. It's the center cockpit version of the venerable Pearson 424. It's sloop rigged but was born in the factory as a ketch.
Somewhere during production run the idea of a mizzen mast was abandoned. The mizzen mast and all of the associated hardware was never added. As a result our mainmast is about 3 ½ feet forward of where it is on most of the other sloop rigged 422's. She sails very nicely, as long as we pay attention and reef when we need to.

The V Berth-
We removed the mattress from the bunk in the V berth to give us more room for storage. Some of the kids thought it was to dissuade visitors but they're mistaken, mostly. Our V berth is combination attic, pantry, basement and garage It's literally packed with spare parts, tools, extra sails, lines, food.... pretty much anything under the sun.

The Forward Head-
Is unremarkable other than the hanging nets. We use this space for hanging extra food stores when we head offshore. A quick show of hands.....who else has bagels hanging in their bathroom?

The Salon-
Our living room has 2 full sized, opposed settees. We've upgraded some of the lighting here to light fixtures by Alpenglow to making reading easy, we love these lights. Of the 5 enclosed cabinets, 1 is dedicated to computer crap, another is the liquor cabinet and the final 3 are Christy's for food. In addition there are 2 open book shelves with one dedicated to cookbooks, while the other is predominately cruising guides. Behind both settees are large storage spaces for condiments, canned goods, baking supplies, pasta, rice, paper goods etc.
Under the settees but on top of the fuel tanks is also a bit of storage. The port side hosts oils, fluids and spares while the starboard side can hold up to 120 cans of beer or soda. The centerboard drop leaf table has storage below it for at least a hundred cans of goods. Who doesn't keep black beans in the living room... ?

The Galley-
Everything is a lot smaller than we had at home but Christy is still able to turn out any meal that she chooses to. The galley contains a 3 burner stove/ oven, a microwave and a toaster oven. A 2 basin sink and the fridge round out the galley. The fridge used to be an Alder Barber driven top loader with a freezer inside. One of the early changes we made was to replace the AB with a Frigoboat unit with a bendable evaporator.
With a multispeed compressor control we saved enough amps to add a stand alone Engle freezer for the same amp draw as before the change. So now our freezer is at least 4 times bigger than when we started and the fridge no longer has some of its space dedicated to the internal freezer.

The Nav Station-
The nav station is pretty much a writing desk. The main VHF and Autopilot controls are there but that’s about it as far as running the boat goes. It's really more of an entertainment center with the controls for the stereo and the laptop in place.

The Walk-thru-
Under the long cabinet bordering the walk-thru is the air conditioner and the water heater. There’s also storage for goos, fluids, lubricants, tools, glues, spares, flares and a small heap of various “use it fairly often” kinda stuff.

The Aft Head-
The aft head doesn't have any food stuffs hanging about, but it does have a separate shower stall.

The Aft Cabin-
This is where the magic happens.
A centerline queen berth takes up most of the space with cabinets and bookshelves lining both sides. Its well ventilated and is quite comfortable.