Monday, December 11, 2006

Day four starts with us at the Yacht Basin Company. It was supposed to be overcast but the morning was glorious and at 52 degrees felt practically balmy. Christy and I walked up to Fawcetts Marine Supply to see if they carried the Bushnell line of binoculars. Then we spent a little bit of time walking around town before departing the dock at 1100.

Its only a 20 mile or so sail to our next stop which is Herring Bay. The plan was to take the boat to Herrington Harbor North Marina and leave it for 2 weeks so we could attend to the final details of the sale of the house. Our friend Phil is a liveaboard at Herrington and it would be ideal for us as Phil could keep an eye on Veranda for us while were away. As we got near the bay Christy contacted the marina and we were told that there was no room at the inn. Bummer. We went to plan B and contacted the Shipwright Harbor Marina which was close by.

As we were approaching the bay it started to rain pretty good so our visual navigation needed to be supplemented with the help of our electronics. This trip has given me the time to really spend time learning the ins and outs of our new Garmin GPS and it really made a big difference in this situation of deteriorating conditions. The Furuno radar is a stud, it see’s everything and was picking Nuns and Cans out of the grayness long before we could see them. So between Christy with her binoculars and paper charts and me with the electronics it all went really well. The people here were very pleasant and they’re hauling boats as I write this. Hmmm hauling boats in the rain, memories I’ll always cherish.

Tomorrow we’ll pick up a rental car, say good bye to the boat and head back to Jersey for a short time before the saga resumes.

To be continued…….

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