Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 5 doesn’t really start until 3 PM when we pull onto the highway and begin the trip back to the boat. The deluge starts shortly thereafter, we’re talking complete downpour with 30 to 40 knot wind gusts. The Delaware Memorial Bridge was actually frightening and the trip was long and completely exhausting. When we get to the marina we take 2 cart fulls of stuff down to the boat, feed and walk the dogs and meet Phil for dinner at Calypso Bay.

Day 6 starts with us bringing the rest of the things down to the boat from the rental car. While Christy stows all the stuff we brought with us I busy myself with boat projects that need doing. The generator has not been running so todays the day to remedy that. Okay, maybe not. I found a fuse blown in the remote panel that controls the unit. I replaced the fuse but it blows instantly, a call to the service tech support line finds that no one is there but they’ll call me back as soon as they get in. Which they do, while were in the middle of returning the rental car. So I explain the problem to the guy and he gives me a couple of good leads to follow up on when we get back to the boat. Other stuff is more pressing so we will have to wait a couple of more days before I can get to it. We hit the super market and stop in to say good bye to Phil then head back to the boat to retire as we have an early start planned.

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