Monday, December 11, 2006


Its Friday evening and I’ve just finished my last day of work, or so I thought. Christy has spent the entire day closing up the house and loading the car with stuff for the trip. The funny part is that I thought we were already packed and ready to go.
It takes over an hour to empty her CRV. Honda should have filmed this packing job for a commercial. We now have more food on board than UNICEF delivers to starving children in Africa. We work at stowing food, clothing and gear until 2300 hours.
Christy is completely frazzled, its been an emotional day for her with family and friends calling, saying goodbye. She’s the most prepared person I’ve ever met and trying to be completely prepared for something like this is something that just can’t be done.
We’ve done our homework and we’re ready to go, she knows it, we need a great day tomorrow to get her settled.

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