Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 3, 2012.

We've just finished up a very busy week. We ended up pulling 35 boats from the water last weekend. Then on Monday and Tuesday we monitored everything as Sandy swept through. The rest of the week was spent putting boats back in the water and getting the boat winterization ball rolling for the boats that stayed on the hard.

My Mom lives at the Jersey shore, pretty much right at ground zero as far as Sandy is concerned. Her house is 13 feet above sea level so her only damage was the loss of a few roofing shingles. People living a short walk away had their houses destroyed so she was very lucky. Unfortunately shes got no electric and it looks as if it could be a while before power is restored.

I was talking to her on Thursday evening and asked her what she did that day. She told me that she spent the day sitting in the car. Excuse me? It was 50 degrees in the house so she spent the day reading the newspaper sitting in the car with the windows rolled up depending on the sun beating down to stay warm. Crap. There’s some really cold weather in the immediate future so I talked Mom into coming to stay with us.

Shes not up for a drive like that so on Saturday morning I drove up to Jersey to pick her up. Fortuitously, I have a customer 70 miles up the road thats had a battery failure and I can swing by and hook em' up with a new one. So I was on the road before 0600, met the owner and had the battery in before 0800 and was sitting Moms driveway by 1100. Nice.

Now my Mom is staying with us in Annapolis until power is restored in her part of New Jersey. So what I’m getting from this turn of events is that maybe there might be a higher being in charge of everything after all. I mean, what are the chances that we go south for 6 years in a row and when we opt to stay here Mom needs us.

Higher being, dumb luck or just plain ol' Karma, I dunno but for us, things are working out just fine.