Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 15, I was up just before 0600 and had the dogs taken care of and was ready to leave by 0630. We’re ready to go and I turn the key and….nothing. The loose wiring that I fixed the other day had been slowly overheating the starter and now she was dead. There would have been a moment of silence for our dear dead starter but I was too busy cursing.

When I bought the boat I found a box on board with a spare starter in it. The box was labeled “used but good” so I got it out, cleaned it up and with Christy’s help got the old one out and the new one in. I went up to the marina head to wash up while Christy put the boat back in order. When I was originally ready to leave everyone else in the marina was still asleep and in the hour and a half it took to change starters everyone in the marina had gotten up and out.

The sail to Ken and Carol’s in Oriental was uneventful with several changes from motoring, to sailing, to motor sailing. We’re starting to see more cruisers headed south now so we’re not quite so alone on the water. When we got to the creek that runs behind the Small’s home it was like being in a sailors candy store. Christy looking one way and me another calling each other to look at this or look at that. The collection of awesome sailing vessels all in one place was pretty impressive. Ken was waiting for us at his dock, what a setup, beautiful dock with room for 2 large sailboats and a home right out a nautical home and gardens magazine and at 3 dollars a night with free WiFi I highly recommend it to all..

We spent the late afternoon catching up with Ken until Carol came home from errand running then we all went to dinner at a local eatery. .
Veranda resting at the Small’s dock. Life is good and yes I am full.

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