Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 8, departure time was supposed to be 0800 but we were actually underway 5 minutes early. ( I knew setting all the clocks an hour ahead would help) The 10 knot breeze is from the North and were motoring East out of the Potomac River. This gets us a fairly good sideways rolling motion, its uncomfortable at best, all the local fishermen are complaining about it on the VHF. Of course the first thing I did this morning was sit on my only pair of sunglasses and break one of the arms off so heading East into the rising sun was a pain. As we round the point of the end of the river and turn South the bay turns ugly as the tide is coming in and the wind is blowing out. We motorsailed along quite comfortably and were able to average over 7 knots.

We picked the Fishing Bay Harbor Marina as our destination for the evening because of the promise of an internet connection and a ships store being on the premises. We have developed a pretty good leak in the dinghy so we need the ships store to buy an inflatable repair kit. We get here and it’s a pretty nice place, with internet as promised. However the ships store only seems to sell tee shirts and …..YES…...sunglasses. Okay could be worse but they do have courtesy bicycles that we take advantage of and ride a mile and a half to West Marine to buy our patch kit. All I can say is that I’m really glad Christy and I decided to see the world by boat and not by bike.

Tonight was Mexican Night on the Veranda complete with cervesas and vino rojo. Dinner was great as always. Pink Floyd plays for us as we chart tomorrows day and take care of some internet business. Hasta Manana.

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