Monday, December 11, 2006

December 9. When we woke this morning we found that we were here for another record setting low temperature, 24 degrees. The boat was covered in frost. 

We got a ride to the West Marine here in town from the local dock master this morning. The pump we need is on its way but won’t be here until Tuesday afternoon. It will only take 20 minutes to install so we should be ready to leave on Wednesday morning. Oh well, things could be a lot worse. We’re in a safe well protected marina. Its clean, cheap, we have internet, cell coverage and its well run. The weather is also supposed to get a lot warmer starting tomorrow so things are good.

Christy and I walked to the local market to grab some eggs and diet coke. When we got back to the boat we took care of some internet business and then took the dogs for a walk around the marina. The sun was out and it was in the high forties but felt warmer. It was a nice day overall.

Tonight we went to dinner at the local pub, Diggers. There were 4 lanes of traffic between us and the promise of a good meal so we made like Frogger and ran for our lives. The food was good but the people watching was way better. We didn’t realize how spoiled we had become in Jersey with the smoke free bars and restaurants. We would have stayed longer to watch the goings on at the bar but the smoke finally got the better of us and drove us out.

Some new entries for your dictionaries:

Blowed – to have blown……….as in “It just blowed away”

Twernt- was not………… in “It twernt his fault”

Bill-About… It’s the act of Bill walking around with the intent to start cordial conversation with anyone he meets. It’s rare but there have been confirmed instances. Not to be confused with the even more rare Bill-Staggering-About which is similar but includes Bills excessive use of alcohol beforehand. Nor to be confused with the extremely rare Bill-Dancing-About which usually follows Bills use of Rum.

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