Random Photos

Do NOT eat the Iguanas

It takes big balls to take a 75 foot mast under a 65 foot bridge like that.

Its only considered stupid if you fall.

Big seas are always hard to capture on film.

I don't care if you are the "stand on" vessel, you're still stupid.

Annapolis Boatshow clusterfuck.

Everybody loves a sailor.

Us under sail.

The cave at Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

Not quite a hot tub but still pretty cool.

Like a beer commercial but better.

Small islands, small roads, tiny trucks.

Our kinda crowd......none.

Its great when you can get everyone to smile.

Fun stuff.

We LOVE St. Augustine.

Why does the Bahamas commemorate George Washington crossing the Delaware on a stamp?

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong.

Membership is limited.

Nap time.


Spearfishin' is fun.

Nice mutton Snapper.

Here it comes.

ALL the laundry gets done if you do it in the buff.

Soon to be dead lobster.

Aquawoman goes hunting.

Hogfish, lobster and Slipper oh my.

Don't ask.

Dr. Bob Savage, cockpit surgeon.


Big Mutton Snapper.

Water shelling.

Spearfishing promotes great thighs.

Huge Haitian shipwreck.

Nice Hogfish.

My hometown.

Nice, um, Mahi Mahi

17 pound Nassau Grouper.

Lobster Gigantico

This church is either really small or I'm freakishly big.

Our first Sailfish.

Jay the Pontiff greets the masses.

Nice days work.

...and the beer is ice cold.

Birthday party, island style.

Bald Eagles are cool.

Who knew something that big could do 60 knots?

Early start.