Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 7 has us up and on the water by 0600, okay it was 0620 but we’re getting better. Christy backed us out of the slip and had us underway while I handled and stowed lines. As soon as we hit open water we unrolled the genoa and were ghosting along at about 5 knots with the wind coming straight over the stern rail. As the morning went along the wind built enough to get us moving at a little better than 6 knots. It held that way until after lunch when we were forced to drop sail and motor for the last 3 hours of the day. Rover steered all day and was voted crewman of the day. All in all it wasn’t too bad a day.

We turned west into the Potomac River and ventured up Smith’s Creek to take a slip at the Lookout Point Marina. They advertised as having internet connection available……..but they don’t…….bastards. But they did have diesel, so we filled our tanks and took a slip. Once in the slip Christy walked the dogs while I washed down the boat and refilled the water tank. Our tank is about 40 inches deep and we were only down about 8 inches so we hadn’t even used a quarter of a tank in about a week. That’s awesome but it also means we probably don’t bathe as much as we should .

Tomorrow should be about an 8 hour day so we don’t have to hit the road until 0800. We’ll still be in bed before 2130 tonight though.

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