If you open this and cry its not my fault

During the past year one of our beloved crew passed away and I decided she deserved a little perpetual space here
Born February 26, 1996 Died January 20, 2011

Faithful companion for 15 years. Accomplished dancer. Part time singer. Author.  Senior ships dog and dolphin spotter. Loved the water. Hated fireworks. Adored dolphins. Despised thunder. Lived for the dinghy ride. Thought that the goats at Hog Cay were her personal Pamplona. She was the bull. Daredevil. Fell off the boat only once. Destroyer of unattended plastic bags. Big sister. Enjoyed being mistaken for the younger one. To dignified to chase a damn ball. Didn’t need thumbs. Comfortable with her weight. Bit Bill for sport. Sunbather. Always alert. The silent sentinel. She was the best girl. Weighed 12 pounds. Half of it was heart. Enjoyed this life. Our sweetheart. A fighter at the end….

Interred high on a ridge now known as Molly’s Overlook. She can see the sunrise, the sunset and she can run with the goats to her hearts content. Adored by most, mourned by many and missed terribly on the Veranda….