Thursday, December 29, 2011

See a doctor.....

December 28, 2011.

We're anchored as close to shore as possible. When we returned from an afternoon of shelling we found that we had a new neighbor. Unfortunately, they have an embarrassing issue. You know, a social disease, like gonorrhea only worse, it was a ridiculously loud wind generator.

The Air X and the Air Marine wind generators make great power when the wind blows. The odd thing is that some of them are shockingly loud while others aren't really too bad. Our friend Roland has one and its not too bad until the wind hits exactly 28 knots. At 28 knots it sounds like somebody has thrown open the gates of hell and every demon and fury within has come shrieking out. It actually makes you duck as you can't imagine that pieces of it aren't hurtling at you.

The blade profile generates some of the noise while the bulk of the noise comes from the blades “feathering” in an effort to slow the thing down. I've seen aftermarket blades that do an amazing job of quieting them down so there is something that can be done about the noise.

Our new neighbors generator mount ensures that his generator will never be one of the quiet ones.
Instead of the pole being vertical, it leans aft at about a 15 degree angle. So rather than the wind generator being level and facing the breeze it looks “up” through the breeze. This leaves the thing constantly shrieking as its always on the verge of trying to feather itself. Its crazy how loud this thing is even in only 12 knots of breeze.

As an unexpected bonus they also have the loudest inboard diesel generator EVER. The thing barely pumps any water and the exhaust note comes through practically dry and pounds down onto the surface of the water and as an added bonus there’s an echo. Its just crazy how loud this boat is. Oh look, they don't use an anchor light either. Perfect.

So what I'm trying to say is that if you have VD you wouldn't be welcomed with open arms at the weekly neighborhood orgy. You made the choice to have unprotected sex with a prostitute and now you're saddled with a ridiculously loud case of Cupids Itch. So if you have The Clap, anchor out near the edge of the group instead of right in the middle. Nobody else should be expected to bear the consequences of your decisions.

Alpha Mike 1 standing by......


MJ said...

The social disease of wrong equipment decisions, lol!

johnnyringo said...

Hunter's are very noisy boats anyway! LOL!