Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 6, 2011.

The huge winds out of the north northeast have abated and people are once again on the move. Evidently there were several boats hanging on the moorings up in the park at Warderick Wells. The wind is down and people started showing up in Big Majors Spot so it was time to move on.
We pulled the hook and had a perfect 8 mile sail out around Harvey Cay and into the anchorage at Black Point. Internet was sketchy with the wifi at Lorraine’s Cafe being down. We walked into the islands tiny grocery store and found it empty. One inedible pepper, two onions well past their prime and nothing else. Fortunately, the mailboat was scheduled to arrive the next day so we sat for a day and hoped to grab some veggies the next day. On the plus side though we were able to do our laundry.

Its been a while since we've been here at Black Point and the evidence of hurricane Irenes passing is everywhere. The thing that impacted us the most was the fact that the laundromats dock was destroyed. We had to lug our laundry from the government dock rather than just flop it up onto the laundromats dock and walk it inside. The government dock was usable but was still being repaired when we arrived. Several homes were in various stages of repair. This block home has been standing for years but it looks as if someone has started to finish it.
I'd love to read the building code here....if there is one.

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