Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 7, 2011.

We spent the morning taking a walk along the oceanside beach.
We alternated talk about the weather with scanning the shoreline for treasures. We were with the crews of 3 other boats and everybody came home with something cool.

While we were walking the mailboat arrived. We headed home to eat lunch to give the people a chance to collect their goods for their shops. After lunch we headed in to Deshamons. Deshamons makes a hell of a good pizza. We had just eaten lunch but Fine Lion, Sapphire and Alibi II were all over it. We did have a few beers with them while Christy took care of some last minute online chores.

Much to our surprise as we untied from the dock we spied the Savage Son just dropping the hook in the anchorage. They opted to stay in the states for Thanksgiving and were about a week behind. We swung by to say our hellos and headed home to the boat to put away our newly purchased vegetables and special ordered coconut bread.

You see, when you arrive in Black Point the first thing you HAVE to do is hail Lorraine’s Cafe on the VHF and order some of her mothers fresh baked bread. If you order it today her mom will make it first thing the next morning and its ready to pick up around noon.
Lorraine’s Moms coconut bread is an institution and might be the finest bread ever made. Including bread made in France. Baguettes be damned.

After stowing our food we bandied about several ideas of what exactly we should do while we ate a few slices of that damn good bread. Our original plan was to head for some seclusion and after some back and forth Christy & I decided to pull the hook and get out of Dodge. There was a bit of rain and we were treated to a great rainbow as we slowly motored out of the anchorage.

An all motor trip of less than 4 miles brought us someplace we had never been before, the northern anchorage at Bitter Guana Cay. Fortunately Bitter Guana is right between Staniel Cay and Black Point. Most people stop at the great anchorage at Big Majors Spot because of it proximity to Staniel Cay. When they leave there its only an 8 mile trek to Black point and Lorraine’s mothers bread so Bitter Guana kinda slips through the cracks. I can't recall ever seeing a cruising boat anchored off Bitter Guana so we were looking forward to some alone time even though we were just around the corner from 2 great destinations.

The anchorage was bigger, better protected than I expected and more picturesque to boot. The island is populated by wild iguanas and tomorrow should be an interesting day. We have the whole island to ourselves...........................Yeah, thats right, naked time....


Chip Estabrooks M/V Scout said...

Watch out for the pecker gnats!

S/V Veranda said...

Pecker gnat swatters were one of the first things we brought on board oh so many years ago.....