Monday, December 26, 2011

December 24, 2011.

We're still hanging around in Georgetown. We've been to town and successfully extended our immigration status. Since we were coming here to Georgetown to take care of immigration we decided to have a small electronic doodad shipped in. The first weather window after its arrival, we're outta here.

My nonexistent love affair with Georgetown continues. For a lot of people Georgetown is “the” place to be, I'm just not “that” type of person. At the moment there’s a hundred boats here but in another 6 weeks there might be 300. It's already too crowded and don't get me started on the radio traffic.

Monday on the morning radio net a guy proposed having a Wednesday night cocktail hour at Sand Dollar Beach where he,and we, are anchored. Why it has to be two days away I dunno, maybe his ice maker is slow. On Wednesday morning he got on the radio and canceled “his” event as he had determined that it was too windy. Too windy to go drinking? Seriously? “his” event? Really? I had no idea that we were all under his supervision. Needless to say he was ignored. The crews from several boats were enjoying each others company when the guy actually pulled his hook and left. That'll teach us. Control freak.

We've been to a couple of evening beach cocktail events and I really do enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new people. It's just that I prefer my groups to be smaller. We had one such event just yesterday. Ten of us brown bagged our lunch at the secluded beach at the northern end of the harbor.
We sat in the shade of the enclosure and chatted for a while over lunch. One by one people drifted away and wandered down to the water.
We all ended up sitting in the dead calm, neck deep water and just talked. We sat there and wallowed for hours, it might be the best time I've ever had in Georgetown.

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