Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 30, 2011.

On our second day at Normans Cay Christy and I decided to take a long swim. So we took the dink up the backside of the cay to the northern end. We slipped into the water and started swimming back towards the boat. I towed the dinghy behind me on a long tether. After over an hour we got back to the boat in time for lunch.

After lunch we headed out with the Alibi II's for a little hunting & gathering. After a short time we had collected a half dozen large conch and a trio of lobster between us. I happened to look up and noticed that the front we've been waiting for was bearing down on us.
So we quit the water and raced back to the boats to square everything away before the wind hit us. And hit us it did.

The wind built to 20 knots out of the north northwest as did the wind driven chop. The only problem was that when the boat turned to face the wind shift it left us beam to the rolling seas. Sleep did not come easily for anyone within radio range. Our night sucked but so did everyone elses. One guy just 5 miles to our south said his wind machine had recorded a gust to 50 knots during the night.

So since we were already awake we were outta there at first light. The benefit of this front was that we had an excellent day of sailing down to Big Majors Spot.
With 18 knots or so behind the beam it made for a wonderful 35 mile day. We had the hook down by 1300 hours with the huge anchorage practically to ourselves.
Later in the day several friends slipped in and dropped the hook.

As the plan stands at the moment I think we're gonna sit here for a week or so. Its supposed to blow briskly from the east for several days. Its pleasant here, we have superb easterly protection and there’s opportunity to do some hunting so we're pretty happy here.