Friday, December 16, 2011

Cave Cay

December 16, 2011.

We woke to a pleasant breeze outta the east north east so it was time to finally bid Big Majors Spot adieu. We hoisted the main, pulled the hook and sailed out of the anchorage. As soon as we were pointed in the right direction we let out half of the genoa and headed out around Harvey Cay and turned south.

We were content to be a bit under canvassed as we rode a favorable breeze south at between 5 ½ to 6 ½ knots. We soon passed Black Point and the half dozen boats anchored there. Then we slid past White Bay and the easily recognizable landmark, the Sand Castle.
Its a beautiful home that's designed to look like a sand castle. There were another 7 boats anchored nearby.

After a very nice 22 mile day under sail we stopped before noon at Cave Cay. Cave Cay was one of the first “off the beaten path” anchorages that we stopped in several years ago. Most people head out into the sound at the Galliot Cay cut but by continuing on for another mile we found the little chunk of bliss, Cave Cay.

Right after lunch we were in the water and after an hour and a half we were headed back to the boat with a half dozen lobsters. Then I fired up the laptop and made a pleasant discovery, wifi! We're anchored about a half mile north of Musha Cay and they broadcast a pretty strong wifi signal.

Since they were nice enough let us use their wifi Christy did some internet research and found that Musha Cay is owned by David Copperfield. Evidently pulling a rabbit out of a hat pays a lot better than I had envisioned. Christy's time on the internet found his website promoting the Cay as a high end get-away. When I say high end I'm not kidding. The advertised price for a stay for you and up to eleven of your closest friends is $37,500 per night. Four night minimum! The link will take you to their excellent website, it really does look quite spectacular.Musha Cay Who knows, maybe once my Energy Circle takes off we'll be hanging with Oprah and Dave on Musha Cay. In the mean time we'll have to be content watching the same sunset, eating lobster. If you do decide to drop the 150 large on a long weekend at Musha be sure to tell them that Veranda sent you..........


Sabrina and Tom said...

Humm? Pay big bucks to stay at someone's exclusive resort or sail your own resort exclusively? I think you two picked the right one.


suky at sea said...

I must have a few more things I can liquidate in time to invest in your Energy circle by next spring. Sounds like a sure thing ! I'm sick and tired of the ICW - beautiful as it is, reading your blog, there's just no comparison to the Bahamas except it helps get you there. Love reading your blog and I'd like to know what Christy's ear elixir is ?

S/V Veranda said...

S&T...I'm sure we made the right decision but wouldn't it be cool to be able to afford to choose?

Suky...Christy mixes one third isophropyl alcohol, one third vinegar and one third hydrogen peroxide. We've also used Swimmers Ear, an over the counter thing and once in a while some straight hydrogen peroxide.

Sabrina and Tom said...

But I think you did "afford" to choose at some point previously and that lead the two of you to here and now. Not to sound all new age/old age/fate blah blah blah....but I sense you chose this, planned, worked really hard and thus...your exclusive resort s/v Veranda! Cheers to you both and s/v Veranda!!!


The Admiral said...

Bill and Christy, we miss you and still love reading about what we are missing. Merry Christmas.
Lynn and Peter

Anonymous said...

"Copperfield Bay"....good lord!

Anonymous said...

Just don't anchor off of Musha Cay. When the staff leave for the day they they turn on a blast of disco/techno music that goes on all night. Bring your earplugsQQ