Tuesday, April 10, 2007

December 11 & 12

December 11. It was a dull day with beautiful weather. We did boat projects and rehung the dinghy on the stern arch and then sat in the sun and read. We really just sat around waiting for tomorrow and the promise of our pump delivery.

December 12. Finally, we have a rental car being delivered to us this morning. A Ford Escort for 27 dollars a day, delivered, talk about a bargain. The rental car is here and its actually pretty decent so we’re psyched. We’ve got to hit the post office and the grocery store so we took care of that first thing. After we get back to the marina I throw in a load of wash so we’re all provisioned and all our clothes are clean for tomorrow.

As a side note, you know those holiday sweaters that you see women wearing at this time of year. The bright red ones with Santa or Frosty all over it to promote the holiday seaon. At home in Jersey I would see maybe 4 a year but down here we’re seeing literally 10 to 20 a day. Their everywhere, I guess with the warmer weather someone has to force feed you some holiday spirit one sweater at a time.

The new pump arrived and it was the correct one so things are good. I got it installed in a half an hour and had us over to the fuel dock before they closed for the evening. We’re ready to go on the falling tide at around 0700.

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