Wednesday, April 11, 2007

December 16

December 16. Yesterday was a 69 mile day and today was a 59 miler. It’s become very clear to me the importance of tidal flow. A knot or 2 of ebb or flood tide can make or break the day. We cross so many small tidal plains during the course of the day that it’s a very interesting challenge.

So today was our first day traveling with Non Linear. Things went well as we followed them at a safe distance for the entire day. It was actually a little boring and there were a few times that I had no idea where we were on the chart, I was just following “that guy”. It was good to not have too much thinking to do today as I’ve got a pretty good cold and would rather just sit and follow “that guy”. When depths were sketchy I would just drop a little further back and when they turned hard left or right to refind the deep water I would just adjust 10 degrees port or starboard and cruise through with no problem. They did run aground pretty good in a tough to navigate stretch near the end of the day. Welcome to Georgia. They were able to back off with no harm done and once the safe water was found we were back on our way.

We’ve anchored in a basin along the Ogeechee River. There’s absolutely nothing around, I’ve been using the word desolate lately and until this place I had no idea what it really meant. This river is just a meandering stream through never ending marsh grass with nothing tall around for miles. I can’t grasp how big this country really is but it only adds to the pride I feel when I raise our flag every morning.

Tonight the pooping of the dogs meant a dinghy ride along the marsh grass looking for someplace to put ashore. It’s just dark when I find a suitable landing spot and gently drive the dinghy up onto the “beach”. The beach is actually more clam shells than I’ve ever seen but it’s the only break in the grass for at least a mile. The dogs are in their lifejackets and have handles on their backs so after I step from the dinghy I pull it up the beach and grab my canine luggage and place them up on dry beach. The beach is small and surrounded by more grass than I’ve ever seen. The dogs take care of business and its back in the dinghy and off to Veranda.

Boat Name of the Day is a power boat named………Come Good Home. Is he kidding? What the hell is that, Come Good Home. Christy and I both saw it plain as day, Come Good Home. What? Was that his mom’s name? Looked like a fourth grade spelling bee. Come Good Home, Jesus.
0700 again tomorrow with sunshine and temps in the mid seventies again. Sniff.

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