Wednesday, April 11, 2007

December 18

December 18. Today we stopped for diesel in Fernandina Beach, FLORIDA! Yes that’s right, we’re here in Florida. We stopped for fuel then anchored in the anchorage across the ICW from the fuel dock. Its been 1010 nautical miles which translates into roughly 1160 statute miles, it feels it. It really seems like along time since we left New Jersey but in spite of our mechanical failures it was a trip I look forward to doing again.

When we got here there was a huge Island Packet on the fuel dock ahead of us. On their davits was the exact dinghy that Christy and I were looking to buy so off she went to talk them up about whether or not it was as good a choice as we hoped it would be. She came back with rave reviews about the dinghy and the scoop on their trip down from Rhode Island. They left in September, have broken down at least once a week and have been sitting here at the fuel dock for a week trying to get a fuel delivery problem solved. This is a six year old, million dollar vessel. Christy feels much better about our trip now.

We went and walked around Fernandina with John and Marsha. Found a nice pub and walked right into happy hour. Afterwards we walked around and found a nice grille to have dinner. Dinghied back to the boat and fussed about, wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean. 

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