Wednesday, April 11, 2007

December 21 & 22

December 21 & 22. The days now are composed of waiting for the holidays to arrive. We’re sitting here doing boat chores and walking the town sightseeing. John and Marsha rented a car so we went with them inland to a large grocery store and West Marine. We spent a good part of both days shopping since they have a car.

The first day we had so much crap in the dinghy that Christy had to ride back to our boat as a passenger in John and Marsha’s dinghy. The weather has been in the seventies since our arrival in Saint Augustine although it has been grey and threatening rain a lot of the time. The upcoming week promises to be nicer.

After our night on the town the other night we were in the dinghy when we saw a guy having a hissy fit out in the middle of the river in his dinghy. We went over to see what the problem was and it turns out he was trying to row his inflatable dinghy against that fierce current and one of the oars kept popping out of the oarlock. He had been screaming, cursing and smashing his paddle against the surface of the water, let’s just say his composure had taken a time out. Anyway, we took a line from him and towed him over to his boat. I would have written this in the other day’s trip report but it just came back to us today. Lol.

Non Linear at anchor in front of the Castillo De San Marcos.

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