Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29, 2014.

We woke to a dreary gray morning. The wind had stayed out of the south and died down to about 7 knots last night. We listened to the weather and were getting ready to head out when a guy got on the radio and said that he just got through the Whale and it was lovely ish.

I wolfed down breakfast and we had the hook up 5 minutes later. When transiting the Whale from southeast to northwest the first mile is down an old deep water channel marked by pilings sticking up from the bottom. Because we were coming from Treasure Cay we were able to skip this part of the trip as we cut into the course from the side.

We had about 9 knots of breeze from behind us with a 6 to 8 foot swell coming under the starboard quarter. The spacing of the swells was wide enough that the ride wasn't too bad. About ¾ 's of the way through we ran into a nasty little squall. It rained like a bitch and blew 20 knots for about 10 minutes before leaving us.

We were the third of 6 boats running through the Whale. One of the other guys was giving a “Whale Report” to let anyone who was considering going, that it wasn't too bad. He probably should have been a little more specific and announced which way we were heading. We were in the gap in the reef, in the midst of the squall when the first of 3 boats headed the opposite way hove into view.

We were surfing the swells into the cut as a huge Lagoon catamaran passed on his way out. We were shredding swell after swell doing 8.5 knots, wallowing as the swell went out from under us and then catching the next one. He was bashing into one after the other. It was quite impressive to see how his large boat was tossed about as each swell tried to stop him as he clawed his way out through the cut. His Whale experience was definitely not lovely ish.

After getting back inside it was a quick 5 mile jaunt up to Green Turtle Cay. The forecast for the next day is pretty nasty so we decided to drop the hook inside White Sound. The only issue with that is the fact that the long entrance channel supposedly has a controlling depth of 6 feet at low tide.

The tidal range here is 3 feet and we were 3 hours into a falling tide when we arrived at the outer marks. But our guardian angel sent us a gift. An 80 foot power yacht arrived at the entrance 2 minutes before us. He was assured by the marina staff that he should be able to get his 6 foot draft into the harbor.

He had his tender out in front of him sounding the channel as he crept along behind him. We just hopped into line and followed them both in. The anchorage is fairly crowded and the woman on the boat next to us showed us her bitch wings as we dropped the hook next to her. Like that shits gonna have any effect on me. I've had my shots, I'm impervious. After dark I'll go pull in 30 feet of my chain, in the morning she'll think she dragged. Alpha Mike is heading home.....


Deb said...

Shoulda gone down to the South end. You can anchor around Donnies and everyone is nice down there. Glad you made it safe. It was good to see you guys and finally get to see the boat in person. Safe travels home!

S/V Kintala

Steve said...

Sitting in Black Point with 37 other boats. Most are Fenadians. They're all south of the channel off of Ida's wifi. Way too many boats and it's going to do a full clocking today. Should be fun. You'll be just fine where you are.

S/V Veranda said...

Deb, It was good to catch up with you and TJ as well.

Steve, It blew thru last night, never saw more than 26 knots with copious rain.

John Clark said...

I love that, pull up chain so they think they dragged. I may use reverse at a stoplight to make the texter next to me think he's moving!