Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014.

During the night the wind veered to the east and was due to be out of 130º by nightfall so we had to move. Right after listening to Chris Parker we pulled the hook and motored straight into 15 knots of breeze for four miles to get to Hopetown.

Because of the crappy weather forecast all the moorings and every slip in Hopetown were full. We already knew that but we decided to head over that way and anchor outside the harbor.
When we arrived there were 2 other boats in the huge but shallow anchorage. After lunch we put the dink in the water and headed in to town.

We haven't been off the boat in days and needed the opportunity to blow the stink off. 
It was cloudy out and I still had to wear shades to walk past this house.
While walking around we ran into a guy who's been reading the blog for a while and after walking away Christy confessed that she couldn't believe that he had recognized me with my new lack of haircut.
Could this shit be any cuter?
This is what it would have looked like if Mayberry RFD had been in color.

As always walking around Hopetown was a visual treat.
The local schoolhouse
Between the flowers and the buildings the colors here are overwhelming. It really is a gorgeous little community where golf carts rule the roads.
The local church
Part of the island has real roads while the “streets” in Hopetown itself are ¼ scale. Today was mailboat day and many local businesses show up at the dock to pick up whatever they have being shipped in.
Teaching kids patience one child at a time
You can see how this golf cart drawn trailer takes up the entire thoroughfare.

It really is a darling little town.
I can't even name half of the colors I've seen
We stopped in for a cocktail before heading back out to the boat.  We even considered eating there but unfortunately we had just had steamed ox tail for lunch.
Whatever happened to good ole Grouper fingers?
  When we dinghied back out to the Veranda we found that our idea of anchoring outside the harbor wasn't so original.
Evidently all the cool kids hang out here.
We're now anchored in the shadow of the lighthouse with 18 of our best friends.....

Boat Name of the Day.  A small sloop named "Going Knots"


Steve said...

There's a lot of "civilization" there. Did you get some of Vernon's's great?

S/V Veranda said...

Actually we did grab a loaf of Vernons coconut bread. Its good but Lorraines mothers bread puts it to shame....

S/V MutulFun said...

Hometown is a cool place to walk around and your right about the bread. Moms is the best.