Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014.

So when we pulled into the anchorage at Governors Harbor it was pitch dark. We wanted to tuck ourselves into the corner to get out of the swell that followed us across the bank. The sailing was pleasant but it just wouldn't do for an anchorage. As we turned into the corner there was the anchor light of one boat already there.
We anchored nearby and went about our business. It wasn't until daylight that the front got here and we got our first glimpse of our new neighbor....

Our first conversation was pretty much like “What the f@#k is that?” I know what you're thinking “Broadblue came out with another catamaran that won't go to windward”. Nope, thats not it. Its a tool shed on a raft built from barrels.

Where the hell could it have come from? Unless there’s a pair of jetskiis strapped together inside that shed the thing had to blow here downwind. We did a slow spin around it in the dink and found it to be pretty interesting. It seems to be held together with ratchet straps. There’s more than 500 watts of solar on the roof and a wind generator.

All the solar is oriented towards the port side of the “boat”. Since the sun is in the southern sky it seemed to me that the thing was built to head west. What I took to be the anchor light was actually the stern portion of a masthead tricolor thats been left on.

Without an anchor light we surmised that it had to be purpose built for one trip. Taking this thing to the states from here might work out but odds are that you'd probably die. Not to mention the even though it looks solid, its a little worn. Fortunately there’s a name still visible and this things so odd there’s gotta be a blog about it.

I googled it up and found something even better than a blog. An English newspaper story regarding the Atlantic crossing of the Antiki. Are you kidding me....the Atlantic freaking ocean? So now that its voyage is over I wonder if its been listed for sale.  It is a proven blue water sailor, I wonder if Rogue Wave Yacht Sails has the listing?

Enjoy the story here....Antiki

Its not so much a story as a series of photos with brief explanations.  Pretty cool, very nutty.


S/V MutulFun said...

It would be interesting to see how it got to Governor's harbor from St Martien

S/V MutulFun said...

It would be interesting to see how it got to Governor's Harbor from St Mart

S/V Veranda said...

Yeah, I'd love to know. I'll ask in town tomorrow to see if anyone knows. The thing looks abandoned.

Pat and Joan said...

There are two articles attached to the link. they got another crew made of friends and relations and sailed the 850 miles and by happenstance shipped wrecked on the island they were heading for. Makes me think our new to us boat is really ready to go.
Pat and Joan

Comocean said...

Wow - at least they had a guitar on board! Those guys are crazy - I can't believe they crossed the ocean and didn't touch the Brandy!

Bill looks like a good summer project for you - create a Chesapeake Bay raft.