Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014.

We left the settlement at Black Point headed for the Ragged Islands arriving on December first just over 14 weeks ago. Today we closed that loop when we dropped the hook right in front of Ida's Laundry back in Black Point.

We sat through a front and decided to skedaddle before the next one came through. We used the opportunity of favorable but light breeze to make the run up the backside of Exuma.

We left Hog Cay at 0730 and didn't crack 4 knots for the first 15 miles. The trip was to be 125 miles so we knew we had to be patient. The wind was a little north so we were close reaching into the light breeze. I decided to try a new route home this season. Actually I decided to try it 25 miles into the trip.

Our friend Klaus uses a different route than I do. Its about 5 miles shorter but looks quite a bit scarier. I had his numbers and his route would give me a better point of sail by 8 degrees, so screw scary, lets do it. I veered off onto his route and with the better angle immediately picked up some speed. As we passed Flamingo Cay we could see a gaggle of 8 boats crammed behind the cay waiting to head south. Probably Georgetowners earning their “wilderness” merit badges.

Now with the knot meter consistently banging 5 knots we were smooth and flat. During the night the wind went away and we ghosted along at 2 knots for close to 6 hours. It did make for lovely sleeping though.  But once the sun came up the wind returned. The wind was up between 10 and 15 knots and we finished the trip at just over 6 knots. A very comfortable 6 knots.

I can't believe the culture shock that descended upon us while we were still 15 miles out. The radio chatter was unbelievable. After spending such a long time with a limited number of boats the sheer number of boats and their chatter was overwhelming. Its good to be back but it was better to be gone....
When we left we were the only boat here, now...not so much


Steve said...

You're right. After three months in the Raggeds, the VHF traffic in Thompson Bay is overwhelming. Oh well...

Mv off s/v Gem said...

You should try Georgetown! Grrrhhhh. Love the merit badge comment!