Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 28, 2011.

After 6 years of this you’d think that new experiences would be few and far between. But this week we scored an all time extravaganza as far as new experiences go. A boat wedding.

Our longtime friends Bess & Bill on Alibi II decided to finally tie the knot. They wanted a pretty small affair and they’re boaters so they decided to rent a small electric boat for the ceremony. These little electric Duffy Boats are pretty cool and I’ve been coveting the chance to take one out as I watch them ply the river all day.

As far as the officiating goes, its simple. The internet has made becoming a certified clergyman as easy as a few mouse clicks. As long as you file the properly filled out forms with the appropriate fees, the government is happy. So on this boat ride Bess’s lifelong friend Marcel would act as Pope and perform the marriage ceremony.

Since I don’t drink and have my Billion Ton Masters License I got to drive. Perfect. Okay, I exaggerate, I might drink every now and again and my Billion Ton Master License has expired and needs to be renewed.

Anyway, lets go wedding-ing. And what a wedding it was. After a leisurely, champagne fueled trip up Spa Creek we pulled off into an idyllic cove and Marcel stepped up and started the ceremony. The setting was perfect, the bride and groom were glowing and then the pump out boat came around the corner. I kid you not.

We were drifting in a fairly shallow area and the pump out boat saw us, assumed we were aground and made a beeline for us. Fortunately they realized what was going on and veered away just as Bess and Bill exchanged their vows.

After the sentence was pronounced, er, the vows were completed we headed back down Spa Creek. Then it was a slow trip up Ego Alley during which the guests enjoyed a spirited exchange with the patrons of Pussers waterside restaurant. There was a rolling wave of applause for the newlyweds as we moved along.
After a few celebratory doughnuts at the end of Ego Alley it was over to Back Creek for a little cruise.

After 2 hours on the water we returned the boat and headed over to Carrols Creek for dinner. Carrols Creek is an upscale eatery with a second story deck overlooking the mooring field and the Spa Creek Bridge. Bess’s family has this weird tradition where the Pope signs the marriage license on the brides back.
Bess isn’t one to buck tradition.

Speaking of tradition, what wedding is complete without a haiku:

We all share their joy
Bess loves Bill and Bill loves Bess
Now they say I do

The food was fantastic, the company was perfect, the weather went from nice to better and I got to drive.
I hope they want to renew their vows every year…..


Sabrina and Tom said...

OMG! I LOVE it. I am in tear with laughter and it's that what you want in marriage and life....laughter not tears!

s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

S/V Veranda said...

It really was a lot of fun....