Friday, June 10, 2011

June 9, 2011.

I’ll skip the part where I was gonna bitch about the heat. I’m sure everybody is pretty hot these days and bitching is not gonna change anything. Sooooo…..

I’ve got a customer who’s driving me a little crazy. He’s got this huge, beautiful sailboat and has a list of items several pages long that he’d like addressed, including one full day of head issues. Terrific, 95° and playing with poopie.

The owner was complaining of odors coming from behind his nav station. The only hose behind there was the vent hose and of course, it was almost impossible to access. Almost. It took some quality time with a Fein tool but I did succeed in getting to it and replacing it. Cool. One head issue addressed and no fecal matter encountered. Lovely. Then I had to replace the macerator outlet hose. It went a lot easier than the vent hose but there was definitely some fecal matter encountered. Shudder.

With the aft head done it was off to the forward head. The owner suspected a partial blockage because when he pulled the handle to flush this head the handle felt *different* than the other head. The turds still disappear but it just didn’t seem right to him. Great, I was now in search of the phantom stubborn turd.

I took all the hoses off between the toilet and the holding tank. No turd, no tampon, no jar of pickles, no obstruction whatsoever. Nothing lurking inside the back of the toilet, nothing in the pump and the holding tank was empty. Since I had everything apart he wanted to replace all the hoses, fine, new hoses. That might solve the imaginary problem.

After everything was brand new and back together, we were both walking from head to head doing comparo toilet pumping. He swore that one had a *clunk* in it while they both felt the same to me. I’m thinking the excessive heat and humidity has turned one of us into Rain Man. This toilets good, this toilet sucks, this toilets good……

Since I didn’t have to take a shit at that moment I convinced him to give it the ole morning bowel movement test and we’d go from there…….


JD said...

I definitely feel for you -- sorry for the misery, but you have me bustin' -- I'm laughin' so hard I could just take a huge.... uh... JD

Anonymous said...

Really good post!