Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 23, 2011.

Both of us are working on other people’s boats or on our own boat every day, but there is some time for play.

On Saturday there was a “Cotillion” at the Eastport Yacht Club. I was a little concerned because “Cotillion” sounds a little hoidy toidy to me. I was picturing 16 year southern belles in hoop skirts, and I was a little concerned because I left my cummerbund on my other boat. After finding out what the dress code for the “Cotillion” was, I was relieved. Shorts and sandals, awesome, we’re there.
Live music, loads of friends, reasonable drinks and good food made for a nice evening.

On Wednesday evening we went over to a friend’s boat for pizza and race watching. The finish line for Wednesday Night Racing is between the main mooring field and the Spa Creek Bridge. The Honu, a gorgeous Lagoon 38 (currently for sale) is tied to a dock adjacent to the mooring field and makes for a first class observation deck.

First in, were 2 J-105’s tacking their way dead upwind
towards the finish line through the packed mooring field. Then the rest of the fleet came in one right after another. There had to be 75 boats so it made for quite the spectacle.

As boats finished the race they would drop
sails and turn and head back out through the incoming sailors still competing.

Throw in a couple dozen moored boats, kayaks, paddle boarders and some powerboat traffic and it’s surprising that things go as smoothly as they do.

We even got to see our friend Terry who competes on a J-30 with an all girl crew. They more than held their own as they finished near the front of the J-30’s.

There was even a successful marriage proposal on the water....

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