Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011.

One of the biggest benefits (besides being handed money) of working again is that the weekends are once again something precious to look forward to.
With this being a 3 day weekend I found myself overcome with joy.

With 3 days off we did what most folks would do, we worked. Christy is finishing up the varnish on 2 boats down in Herrington Harbor. The sanding and masking is all done, we just had to show up for a few hours each day to lay on another coat of finish.

I was shocked at just how many boats were still on the hard.
We spent a month on the hard here a few years ago and the place only had a couple dozen boats sitting about. This year theres literally hundreds of boats still banished to the storage yards. Of course some of them are works in progress while others will probably never see the water again....
The other day a neighbor asked Christy if I would go up his mast to replace his windex. On Saturday afternoon Bess & Bill from Alibi II stopped in so up the mast it was. Bill did the winching while Christy tailed the main halyard. The halyard was pretty small and old enough to make me a little leery. Fortunately there was a spinnaker halyard available. It was also an antique but with Bess tailing the safety line I was whisked to the top and returned safely to the ground without incident. I did take the time for a few photos….

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Paul and Deb said...

I would have wet myself....and the poor soul looking up.