Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011.

First off, we weren’t raptured. When we checked the Rapture Flow Chart we realized that we pretty much had no chance of being swept up to heaven with the folks who qualified. Disappointed? No. I figure that the group that would be swept up was a pretty boring group so we consider ourselves lucky to still be here with the cool people. Besides, this clears us for the southbound Great October Exodus which should be better attended and more fun.

Not being raptured did allow us the opportunity to attend a neighborhood block party. It was kinda cool that they bothered to invite us.

Work is going great and I just found out that they’ll do “direct deposit” so now we don’t even have to walk to the bank. Life just gets better every day.

It’s been raining for several days and when I got home from work the other day, Christy had rigged herself a fan to move fresh air though the closed up boat. Who says we don’t have all the conveniences.

This Mallard duck was here with us last year. We recognize him by the way his wing doesn’t fold like it should when he lands. He’s a pretty laid back dude. During dinner the other night we watched as he was dead asleep but drifting here and there at the whim of the breeze.

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