Friday, March 11, 2011

March 6, 2011.

It’s time for us to make the hundred mile trek north to renew our immigration status. We made a small jump up to Buena Vista Cay and found ourselves anchored next to Kookaburra.

I’m nursing a sore toe so I watched from the boat while Keith put his bucket and his spear into his kayak and headed out to look for dinner. In 45 minutes he was back with a 5 pound lobster for their evening meal. I tease him about getting him started. I mean, he had all the tools to be successful. If anything, I showed him how important being methodical is, removed some of the mystery and maybe upped his confidence somewhat. And now here he was, out soloing up something for dinner in no time flat. I couldn’t have been happier for him.

As Christy was starting to prepare our evenings meal she said to me “Do you realize we don’t have any lobster in the fridge?”. Thank God I was wearing shorts because my penis almost fell off. Hunter gatherer extrodinaire, teacher of new guys and no lobster in the box. WTF?

I was toying with the notion of going from Buena Vista all the way to Thompson Bay in one day. The forecast called for light but favorable winds. So at 0330 I woke Christy. Then I ducked, jumped left, feinted right and headed topside to get ready to get underway.

We sailed slowly north and our ETA for Thompson Bay was looking like 2100 hours. I didn’t mind getting there in the dark but the last 20 miles was going to be motoring into a 12 knot breeze. OR, we could stop at Water Cay and motor the next day which was forecast to have no wind what-so-ever.

Stopping at Water Cay would also give me the opportunity to restore my manhood, er, hunt for some lobster. The anchorage here is marginal as far as protection goes but it is very beautiful and graced with loads of coral. I got into the water at 1430 with every intention of reminding Tucker just who the Alpha Male is on this boat.

In an hour and a half we were back on the boat with 10 lobsters including a pair of 5 pounders and a 7 pound Mutton Snapper. My self esteem has been restored but I have to cut this short as I’m going to chase Christy around the aft cabin….


It's the ONLY thing... said...

Funny, ever since you coached Peter I have a bigger smile on my face.

S/V Veranda said...

A little tail every now and again and everyones happy.....