Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011.

On the whole “back over to the Bahamas” proposition….she said no. Damn. To be fair though, it took me a week to get over being sick and then Christy caught it. She never gets sick so this one really threw her for a loop. Plus there’s the whole mental part about getting herself psyched up for a crossing. It doesn’t “feel” right to her so we’ll remain stateside while we head north.

The weather here in Vero Beach is being a bit of a bitch. One day is perfect while the next day is fraught with thunderstorms including the dreaded lightning, tornado warnings and the general mayhem that goes with such weather. Dinner last evening was accompanied by squalls with wind gusts as high as 44 knots.

The anchorage here is very protected but it can still be a bit nerve wracking. The big issue for me is being on a mooring ball. We are sharing a ball with My Destiny, a Whitby 42. Between the 2 of us we weigh in at better than 50,000 pounds. There’s no real fetch but the gusting winds get the boats moving backwards and “whack” the mooring snaps tight and you stop with a dull jerk. It’s always in the back of my mind, “just how many of these *jerks* can the mooring tackle absorb”. I’d rather be on the hook.

We need a 2 day window of decent weather to go on the outside up to Cumberland Island, Georgia. We’d like to get there and then spend a few days shelling and hiking the park. The forecasts keep changing completely every day. We might get out of here tomorrow and just go up the inside so we can make some progress.

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