Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 20, 2011.

Happy birthday to me. I spent the morning doing boat chores and then we went beach combing for some sea glass. We got home about a quarter to five and frankly, I was pooped. But there was a gathering on the beach so we grabbed cocktails and headed out. It turned out to be a birthday gathering for moi. There was tons of food, gifts, birthday wishes and I got some really cool headgear to wear.
It ended up being a really nice evening.

The other day Christy and some friends had walked across the cay to do some beach combing. When she got home she told me that one of the bays on the eastern side of the cay was actually quite calm at low tide. She proposed that we walk our crap across the cay and do a little spearfishing. So yesterday we did….

Big winds outta the east like we’ve been experiencing make spearfishing a lot of work. And to actually go over to the east side to try and get into the water usually wouldn’t be reasonable because of the rough surf. But since Christy noticed that this particular bay had a reef across its mouth which breaks up the waves we decided to give it a try.

Since we were without the dinghy I had to hunt with a mesh bag to place our catch in rather than just flipping bugs into the dink. I’d shoot a lobster and then while treading water I’d unscrew the spear tip and pull the bug off the spear. Then I’d slip the spear tip into the leg of my wetsuit, drop the spear to the bottom and try and finagle the lobster into the mesh bag. It was a lot like trying to slip a dozen thorny roses into a tube sock while riding in the washing machine. I ended up grabbing 4 bugs before heading back home to the boat.


The Admiral said...

Where are you and when will I get that sea glass?

The Admiral said...

Where are you and where can I pick up my sea glass? Miss you guys.

S/V Veranda said...

Hey Lynn, Christy said hahahaha. We're in Vero. Our battery bank died and we had to beeline it for the states to get new batteries. :(