Friday, March 11, 2011

March 3, 2011.

The day broke with absolutely no wind what so ever. This would give us a chance to hunt the eastern side of the cay. These occasions are rare so I was pretty excited by the prospect of swimming in practically unhunted waters.

But after finding and taking only one bug in an hour I decided to head back to some of my favorite haunts. I explained that these particular spots are more frequently hunted so Keith shouldn’t be surprised if today doesn’t measure up to the harvest we had at Buena Vista.

I wanted to start out in a little spot that Christy & I had noticed the last time we were here. It’s a rock the size of a football field in 3 feet of water with a decent ledge around the circumference. I found several bugs that Keith was successfully able to take including 2 with one shot. One minute he can’t hit shit and the next minute he’s a trick shooter, lol. That’s right, I’m taking credit for his new found skills. He found and took another Slipper lobster and while he swam it back to the dink I swam across the top of the rock.

It’s basically flat with no place for a bug to hide but I spied a small hole in the horizontal surface… I had to go look. The water was 18 inches deep and I was looking down through the ceiling of a tunnel and there was a subway passing by. But that didn’t make any sense. There’s no underwater subway system in the Bahamas. Holy shit, it’s a mondo f@#king lobster. If I had looked into the opening 10 seconds sooner or later I never would have seen him. If he had opted to take his little walk at any other time of day he would have gone unnoticed. Evidently some higher power wanted us to cross paths and for me to stick a stainless steel tipped spear down through the top of his back and thus ending all his lobster hopes and dreams. I don’t question my place in the universe so I answered the call.

This cosmic alignment angered the lobster. I had him firmly pinned to the ground and I let him flail about for 2 minutes before I even attempted to withdraw him from the hole. I was standing in the water next to the ledge, giggling, with the spear thrashing about wildly. We went home shortly afterwards with Keith bagging 7 bugs for the day; not too shabby. Maybe I should start a guide service. Lobster Gigantico ended up weighing in at 6 pounds 10 ounces, nice bug.

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