Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009.

We did a little of the whole “hunter / gathering” thing today.

After breakfast we were in the dink and on the way into town. We headed straight to the bakery where we were able to score some jelly doughnuts, cinnamon swirls and a pair of the rare but highly prized coconut logs.

We did stop in at both grocery stores but only picked up some cabbage and the islands version of Wonder Bread. I had the diesel jugs in the dink so while Christy shopped I made an effort to jug some fuel.

I plopped my jugs down and the attendant put in about 4 gallons when the pump ran dry. Crap. It’s not uncommon for the service stations here to run out of fuel and today turned out to be the day. The attendant was sure they would be getting more fuel later in the afternoon so I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

After getting back to the boat we headed out to do some more snorkeling. We saw some decent Hogfish and watched in despair as they dove into the deep caves that line the fishing grounds here. So we ended up making a long, very enjoyable swim with nothing to show for it.

On the surface it looks as if it should be a disappointing day. No fish, a smattering of diesel but we got doughnuts baby, so today averages out as spectacular.

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