Monday, December 7, 2009

December 6, 2009.

The front came through last night and the wind finally changed directions for us. It’s been blowing from the south for days so now with a bit of a northerly we set off for Current Cut. We left Royal Island at 0700 for the 8 mile trip down to the Cut.

We timed the cut perfectly and had a 3 ½ knot push as we rocketed through the narrow gap in the north end of Eleuthera. Once through to the other side we were hit by a quick rain squall. It poured long enough for us to get everything closed up and then the sun popped back out.

As we sailed south the wind slowly died and we had to finish the last 2 hours of the trip under power. We believe we had a first today. Neither one of us ever remembers seeing a dolphin here in the Bahamas. We saw a pair of huge dolphin today, that were easily 8 or 9 feet long. They were very skittish and only stayed in the bow wake long enough for me to grab the camera. Maybe the locals eat them? I dunno. I’m really surprised that they’re not more common down here. Two slices of coconut bread and a fillet of Flipper would probably make a damn fine sammich.

We have the anchorage to ourselves tonight but we know there are several boats only a day or so behind us.
A couple of the boats have never been here before so it’ll be fun to act as tour guides and watch as they experience Eleuthera for the first time. I just have to make sure that we get to the bakery before they get here. It’s a big country but there are only so many chances to grab some jelly doughnuts.


TaylorMad1 said...

check your upper port lifeline where it meets the bow pulpit there is a circle clip with some teeth showing, it is waiting to attack yor head sail!!

S/V Veranda said...

I'll have to check in the morning. Thank you for your keen observation....

Mutulfun.. Day by Day said...

Ah being a newbie next year we will know where to head first. To the bakery. Then to look for tour guides that work for jelly doughnuts.