Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19, 2009.

Happy Birthday Big Al.

The worst of the front has passed and we’re relieved to see it go. Even though we had ample time to adequately prepare there’s still a feeling of apprehension as you await bad weathers arrival.

Prior to our arrival here in Pipe Creek I had three different spots in my minds eye that I deemed appropriate to drop the hook. There was nobody in any of my imagined spots so we were able to claim our first choice. As other boats showed up and my second and third choices were claimed by others it caused me to wonder if I had made the right choice. I know it’s silly, its just that sometimes to much time can be just as bad as not enough time. It ended up that any of the 3 choices would have been okay. The wind blew, some rain fell and down inside the boat we didn't even feel the storm.

The wind did blow between 20 and 30 knots for better than a day. The bulk of the squalls skirted us off to the north. We were treated to a wonderful lightning show off in the distance. The worst gusts we saw were 37 knots. So, all in all things worked out pretty well.

We ended up not leaving the boat for 2 days during the height of the blow. Christy used the opportunity to decorate our Christmas tree and read a few books. I alternated my time between reading, eating and eating some more.

I NEED to get back in the water and swim off some of these bad weather calories…..


Gary & Mary said...

Merry Christmas Beach Buddies....

S/V Veranda said...

Heyyy! Merry Christmas to you both as well.