Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 7, 2012.

I rarely get to watch football anymore but when the Superbowl (for you cowboy & eagle fans out there, the Superbowl is the championship game normally held at the end of the NFL season) rolls around we make an effort to catch the game. When I say we make an effort its nothing like the effort that our friend Phichael undertakes.

Phichael owns the Bonefish Lodge in the Duncan Town settlement. Its probably the nicest place for a hundred miles in any direction. Its very rarely open as there is just nobody around to enjoy the place. But its open every year for the Superbowl. The protected anchorage at Hog Cay is a 3 ½ mile dinghy ride away from the Bonefish Lodge. The ride home in the dark after a few beers can be an adventure that most cruisers are not willing to risk.(Superbowl dinghy ride) So not only does Phichael host the event, he brings a large center console speedboat out to the anchorage to pick people up.

This year the wind was up so the dinghy wasn't really an option. There were 18 people that were needing a ride into town. Phichael wasn't sure if he could squeeze 18 folks into his boat but if 2 trips were needed then he'd do that. Imagine our surprise when he came blasting around the corner and into the anchorage with 3 others locals already onboard. 18 might not fit so lets try 22. I'll try Bahamian Mathematics for $400 Alex.

We had all gathered on 3 boats so he wouldn't have to make 9 different stops. After successfully loading everybody onboard the next thing I knew....we were f'ing flyin'. Everyone onboard exchanged grins as we
rocketed across a 2 foot chop at better than 30 knots. Once we reached the protection of the shallow, mile long channel the ride got flatter and faster.

After a 2 block walk we were at the Bonefish lodge. There was only 1 case of beer so we were told in advance to bring our own drinks and some snacks to start off the evening. There was internet available so everyone checked email during the pregame show. Phichael feared that the lone flatscreen TV might not offer enough viewing opportunities so he brought his own television
from home and set it up on the corner of the bar so everyone had great seats. The 24 beers were soon gone so we poured our own libations and ate snacks as plate after plate of conch fritters came from the kitchen. Phichaels wife Erica timed everything perfectly so that everyone in attendance got a plate with chicken wings, cracked conch and half a lobster tail just in time for halftime.

Once again the locals in attendance added to the fun of the evening for the 35 or so people there. Great venue, great food, terrific close fought game and a boat ride. What an evening, now all we had to do was get safely home.

After the game we packed up our crap and once again piled into Phichaels powerful little boat. The moon was practically full and directly overhead. Visiblity was amazing. You could see plain as day for several hundred yards and the bottom was clearly visible as we ran dark and blasted across the surface.

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