Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 27, 2012.

We're enduring 4 days of winds anywhere from 20 to 35 knots outta the east. We knew we had this week of big breeze coming so we opted to tuck behind Hog Cay once again.

Hog Cay offers a lot to do even on days that you can't get out into the cuts to do some hunting. The cay is a couple of square miles with several trails for hiking. We're also within range of the Batelco tower on Ragged Island so our air card works. There’s also about 20 boats here spread out over a mile along the protected shoreline. So if you need em', there’s people around.

Christy & I headed out to hunt some new area the last day before the wind hit. We needed 7 lobster to break last years record for season total. After a wonderful morning we headed home with another Tiger Grouper and the big red lobster bucket of doom was full.
Three of the bugs were in the 5 pound range so it was a good day. We now stand tied with last years record. Oh well, maybe the record will fall next time.

Our friends Bill & Mara on the catamaran Puddlejumper are first timers to the area. After a few cocktail hour/ garbage burns Bill realized that there was a lack of shade up at the “area” on the beach. And he had a plan....

Bill decided he was gonna bring shade to Hog Cay. He and his wife walked to the east side of the cay and brought back more than a dozen large bamboo poles. He soon had a work party of likewise sunstroked individuals all gathering and building.
Everyone enjoyed the difference that a bit of shade brought so much that we've already started an addition.

Puddlejumper is large enough that they also carry a huge, 4 person floating recreational toy.
Build a little, wallow a bit and then recline in the giant floating chair of luxury. This place is getting dangerously close to resort-like.

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