Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 6, 2011.

We were off the dock and underway at first light. The wind has the ocean just too whipped up for us to be jumping out at Beaufort, NC. We could sit and try to wait for favorable conditions but winter is creeping south after us. With this in mind we've decided to cover as much distance as we can on the inside.

The day was an uneventful mix of motoring and sailing along with some of our closest friends.

Early in the day we were hailed by the sailboat traveling behind us. They wanted to overtake us and were calling to let us know so we wouldn't be surprised. The pass was taking a long time to materialize so we took the next few turns wide hoping that they would sneak past on the inside of the turn. A quarter mile went by, then a half mile, then a mile, then another and then I kinda gave up trying to help them pass. Then the wind presented a favorable angle so out came the genoa. They did finally catch and pass us......44 miles later. I think their radio call was a bit premature.

We knocked out 62 statute miles and dropped the hook in Mile Hammock Bay along with 30 other boats. We've definitely caught the crowd.


Mutulfun.. Day by Day said...

I think that is what is referred to a slooow pass, 44 miles

Jesse and Ginny's Cruising Adventure said...

Looks like you guys were the lead duck from the 1st picture. The 44 mile pass was funny.

Paul and Deb said...

If you see a Person 424 "Unabated", tell the little prick I said hello :)

Sabrina and Tom said...

OMG! In the first pic it looks like morning commute in any big city. I guess it's time to get the hell out of Dodge!


S/V Veranda said...

It was a good slow pass, he didn't throw a wake at us....lol

A few days ago we were hearing a boat "unabated' on the radio. I'm pretty sure we've outrun him. He did sound like he might be penis challenged, could be the same guy.

Yeah, the pack really bunches up when you get to a lift bridge.