Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 18, 2011.

Chores, chores and more chores. Even though the boat was fairly well squared away before we left Annapolis there’s always a revolving list of chores to be knocked out.

In the few days we've been here in Vero Beach we've been able to pare down the list quite a bit. I've been up the mast to clean the corroded contacts in our deck light. I've also cleaned the transom, resealed the mast boot, changed the engine oil, serviced the generator, sewn a torn seam in our canvas enclosure, stenciled on the new dinghy registration numbers, tuned the rig properly, installed the new roller furling line, new traveler control lines and hand sewn a 4 foot seam in the cushion on the “mother-in-law” seat.

Christy hasn't been exactly sitting around either. The fridge has been defrosted, the laundry is done and another 500 pounds of provisions has been purchased, lugged home and stowed. Then throw in a few hours of vacuum bagging meat and we're almost done.

Its not all been drudgery though. We've been to a great get together at the Solitaires home with the crews from several other boats. Then to Jay & Di's house for another great evening. We even got to see Di's workshop where shes putting a lot of her collected sea glass to work.
After completing a holiday wreath she went “all in” and started
making enough ornaments for an all sea glass Christmas tree. Throw in a happy hour up at the marina and
an evening on a neighboring boat and its been a pretty good time here.

After some last minute details on Sunday I think we're going to head out of Fort Pierce inlet on Monday and sail the 120 miles down to Miami. Right now it looks as if Wednesday will be an opportunity to cross the Gulfstream. The weather right after the crossing opportunity is looking pretty dire so crossing will be a game time decision.

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