Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 14, 2011.

We left Saint Augustine at first light, went through the bridge and stopped at the city marinas fuel dock. Dumped some garbage and filled both the water and fuel tanks and then once again turned south. We had a tidal push for several hours and dropped the hook in Daytona Beach by 1330.

This morning we had the hook up before first light and started making our way south. We wanted to knock out an 82 mile day so we had to start especially early. We had the tide with us for the first 45 minutes and then it ran against us for most of the remainder of the day. What the tide giveth the tide taketh away. We nailed the timing of all the bridges and dropped the hook just 6 minutes after sunset near Melborne.

The Eau Gallie public library is right on the waterfront so we always drop the hook right outside the reference section to grab some of their free wifi. Another plus is that the Packet Inns live close by and dropped in with pizza.

Vero Beach tomorrow.....


Sabrina and Tom said...

So you were inside on this stretch? Sorry no chart handy to follow.


Anonymous said...

Hey there

Looks like you are making great time and as always we enjoy reading the blog and your way with words. We hate we missed you this fall we were in Oriental the weekend after you left. Boat is well and we are getting use to sailing around the sound Oriental to New Bern

Days have been warm and we have electric heat so it works well. ABout 10 boats from North west marina headed south to your play ground. We hate we are a year behind what we wanted but have a house to sell.

Keep in touch Dave and Donna

Deb said...

Do a few miles for us - we're insanely jealous :)

S/V Kintala

S/V Veranda said...

S & T, Yes we are inside. The wind is directly out of the south for a while. So we could motor into it on the outside and make the trip overnight. But we decided to motor on the inside, it takes 3 days but at least we can sleep at night. We weren't in any rush as we are now warm so it was easier this way.....

D& D, I was wondering how you were making out. Glad to hear its still moving forward.

Hi Deb, Perception is everything.......I'm jealous of your spiffy new drivetrain....

Deb said...

Don't be too jealous yet - we still don't have a V-drive in our hands yet and it appears that no one makes the coupling any longer so we're going to have to have a machine shop manufacture one. Can't imagine how much THAT's going to cost...

S/V Kintala