Friday, April 2, 2010

March 31, 2010.

Today was the last day of this years lobster season. As a result we just HAD to get into the water in an effort to boat a few more bugs. The dinghy ride to the closest coral heads was close to 4 miles.

The coral heads were extremely small and several hundred yards apart. So it was; race up, hop in, look for a bit and back in the dink and on to the next head. We ended up taking 3 smallish bugs.
We saw and left behind 20 or more that were just too small to be taken. What we did find however were 5 very large Coral Crabs. I speared them and gladly took them home for a crab claw festival on the Veranda.

The people of the Bahamas are a lot more religious than I had imagined. Easter here is HUGE and not just because of a mythical furry creature leaving baskets of chocolate at your door. Most of the islands don’t have schooling past 8th grade available. If your child is going to high school then they’re going to be sent up the island chain to either Nassau or Eleuthera. So the Easter break becomes very important.

The Easter break is generally known as Homecoming Week. Kids come home from school; young adults that have stayed away after attending school also use this opportunity to come back to their home island. Even adults make the pilgrimage back home to see their people. So this week is like a huge family reunion which of course means party.

There’s a section of the main drag through Rock Sound that’s been lined with food booths, a stage and an incredible sound system. There has been ridiculously loud music and carrying on since Wednesday. Friday night is going to be the height of the party. It’s definitely the place to be so we slept in so we can stay up late this evening and attend.

Yesterday we
walked through the festival on the way to explore a local series of caves. The bass from the speakers is strong enough to make your clothes flap. Out on the boat it’s just incredible. We have to shut down our stereo system and listen to the music from shore as we can’t compete with the volume that they send out to us over 300 yards away. When I say the music is loud I can’t begin to relate just how loud it is. I took this video from the boat after midnight last night. Turn on your volume and enjoy Mon.


TaylorMad1 said...

that is loud but I would be happy to suffer in the Bahamas mon!

S/V Veranda said...

I know it sounds like I'm bitching but its just another fun facet of the Bahamanian experience.....