Monday, April 12, 2010

April 11, 2010.

We’ve been here at Lynyard Cay for a few days now. Yesterday was a lazy day of beachcombing so we thought we’d apply ourselves today.

About 2 miles north of us is Sandy Cay. There’s a few small mooring balls that are designed for smaller boats like our dinghies. The attraction is a Coral Garden. There are several very nice patch reefs that are worth snorkeling. It’s a protected area with no hunting so we expected to see more than a few fish.

The wind has been blowing 20 knots from the ENE and we’re safe behind Lynyard Cay. The trip to Sandy Cay took us out into unprotected waters. There was a 2 foot wind chop when we tied the dinghies up to the mooring.

We spent an hour or so swimming along looking at fish that we weren’t allowed to kill. It almost killed me. Of course since lobster season has been over for 2 weeks I saw 5 of the little bastards without really even trying. I think one of them even gave me the finger.


TaylorMad1 said...

I always see catch the best fish out of season just drop them back into the water.

MJ said...

Well, if they were only LITTLE bastards you probably didn't want them anyhoo! Of course, the one that gave you the finger deserved to die on principle alone.(nirvana was really utopia, I can't recall the other, but since they weren't "impaired" and I'm too lazy to go dig out the logbook right now we'll just give them a pass this time.Almost turned me off trawlers completely!Then I thought "it's not the boat, Stupid!")OOPS!LOL