Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 21, 2010.

We left our anchorage near Hopetown on a rising tide and had a pleasant 8 mile sail back over to Marsh Harbor. I know that I was just bitching about Marsh Harbor but we’ve heard through the grapevine that friends we haven’t seen in a while are working their way up through the Abacos towards Marsh Harbor.

We were reunited with My Destiny when they arrived in the harbor a few hours after we did. The next day we got the double bonus of having Sapphire and Solitaire show up an hour apart. It’s always nice to see Mike & Kathy on Sapphire but this reunion was especially sweet because on the way up from Royal Island, Sapphire had taken 2 Mahi Mahi in excess of 40 pounds. 2 large fish + 1 smallish freezer = lots of extra fish to give away. So thanks to Sapphire we had teriyaki Mahi for dinner.

The guys got together and helped Savage Son move from the anchorage into the marina to take a slip. The Savage Sons have to take a slip as they have over a dozen family and friends flying in over the next week to help Bev celebrate her birthday. Here’s Bev in her “Cotton Tiara”. Texans are a strange bunch.

In the evening we all got together up at the marina to eat and drink, make plans and say our good byes before heading off to different points.

We kid Bob & Bev about being the new kids on the block, with a lot to learn. But in reality they were able to teach me a new trick that I’ve found very useful. Never again will I ever snap a photo where half the subjects are frowning. You can see how happy everyone looks…..that’s the mark of an accomplished photographer. Thank you Bob.


Bess and Bill said...

Everybody looks great!! Give Mike and Kathy our best. We are toying with spending August through October in the Bahamas. Hope to catch up with you both soon.

Vin Diesel said...

How about you two come back to the US and get back to work??? You've both had way way way too much fun on this trip of yours.

S/V Veranda said...

B&B, yes everyone does seem to have reached peak emotional & physical happiness. And they look good too...

Vince, I should be seeing you sooner than you think...