Sunday, February 7, 2010

January 30, 2010.

Happy Birthday Colin.

The weather did indeed go to hell for a bit, but the anchorage was comfortable enough to be able to launch the dinghy and go into shore to do some hiking.

I pulled a muscle in my back so I had to lay low for a couple of days. Christy was able to get off the boat and go beach combing with our friends on Kokomo. They found a beach that was nothing short of a jackpot and maybe had not been explored yet this year. Christy found 15 Hamburger Beans and a gorgeous Triton Trumpet in perfect condition. I kinda just laid around the boat and read for 2 days.

My back was feeling a bit better and the weather was supposed to clock around and die tomorrow so I thought we’d try to get outta there today. I wanted to head back up to Raccoon Cay and do some diving on the ocean side on Sunday.

The spasms in my back had stopped although I still felt pretty sore and weak. I’ve been raising the anchor by hand since we left Annapolis, as the windlass barely spins. It was a bitch to do with my back hurting but I wanted to get outta there so we raised the mainsail, slowly hauled up the hook and sailed out of the anchorage.

The trip was a little less than 10 miles and went quickly in the 20 knots of breeze. Once at Raccoon we started the engine dropped sails and dropped the hook, yeah we were the only boat in the anchorage.

I’m sore as hell right now after dealing with the anchor and the genoa in 20 knots of wind but I feel much looser so I think there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be hunting tomorrow.

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