Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 3, 2010.

One of the new boats that joined us in the anchorage yesterday was the sailing vessel Savage Son. They’re from the same marina in Texas that Jay & Di on Far Niente are from. They had their boat trucked from Texas to Saint Augustine this December and headed out for the Bahamas.

They’ve been pretty much barreling along in an effort to meet up with Far Niente. They’re both experienced scuba divers but have never spearfished. Evidently the Far Niente’s have been spreading rumors about us being the great white hunters. The Savage Son’s asked if they could go along with us to learn about spearfishing in the Bahamas.

The wind was cranking a bit so after lunch we traveled the short distance to the next bay south of our anchorage. There have been a lot of cruisers through the area so its been pretty much picked over. I wasn’t expecting any real hunting but I thought it would be a good day for drift diving and just getting wet.

Of course, just 5 minutes after getting into the water I ran across a 4 pound lobster hiding under a ledge. I hope they don’t think that it’s always this easy. During the swim I harvested another smaller lobster and a decent sized Triggerfish. All in all it ended up being another very nice day in the water and I think the Savage Sons came away with a reasonable appreciation for spearfishing in the Bahamas. Tomorrow is supposed to be very benign day and I’m predicting a kill or two in Bob & Bevs future.

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