Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 25, 2010.

The first of the 3 fronts came through today. We had about 12 hours of 25 to 40 knot winds from the northwest under clearing skies. As a result, between the wind generator and the solar panels we were throwing a lot of amps at our nearly full battery bank.

At 1100 we started up the watermaker since we suddenly had all these spare amps lying around. Whenever we start the watermaker the first 2 gallons or so of product water is technically freshwater but not fit for consumption. We usually catch this water and store it in two 6 gallon jugs on deck. We use this water to fill the solar shower and for bathing the dogs.

We also use it for laundry and today was laundry day. That involved two 5 gallon buckets, a dedicated laundry plunger and a bit of effort.
The wind was cranking so hard, we couldn’t really hang the wash outside so we had to string a line across the back of the cockpit inside the enclosure.

While I did the wash, Christy baked some fresh bread. She’s been experimenting with different recipes and methods of cooking. Tonight’s dinner will be homemade bread and fresh caught fish. I’m feeling a bit like Jesus. To bad I couldn’t turn that laundry water into wine. Tideashevitz……hmmm.


Judy said...

Hi Bill and Christy, We are in Nassau and plan to leave here on Thursday heading to Shroud, Black Point and then Georgetown. I believe Jay and Di and Savage Son are there. Where are you two. We have some stuff aboard for you. I am sure we will catch up soon. Do you take in laundry??? lol Judy and Greg

Judy said...

Bill and Christy,

Looks like you guys are busy. Do you take in laundry now?? lol
Greg and I are in Nassau heading south. Should be in Georgetown by the weekend. I think we are finally going to see a break in the weather. I guess we need to hurry if we want any of those lobsters.
By the way, we have some stuff for you aboard so hope we can catch up soon.