Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009.

Well, it’s Wednesday and we’re still here. It rained for about 30 hours straight alternating between raining hard and raining really really hard.

Yesterday morning we heard the Coast Guards side of the conversation they were having with the schooner Corsair who left on Saturday morning. Since they had left the mooring field here on Saturday and Cape Canaveral is only 65 miles away, something must have happened. We don’t know for sure but evidently the Corsair must have stopped in Fort Pierce for some length of time before heading out. Which makes even less sense than leaving on Saturday did.

So even after stopping off in Fort Pierce they headed out just before the approaching cold front. They only got as far as Cape Canaveral before the sea Gods decided to make an example of them. The coast guard established a 30 minutes Comms schedule with them. So every 30 minutes the coast guard would hail them and get an updated position from them as they made their way to the safety of the port of Cape Canaveral.

I'm not sure if they had a mechanical failure or if they just needed guidance but Towboat US was dispatched to meet them at the outer marker to assist them to enter the harbor. So its good to know that they are safe and all I can say is thank God we decided to delay our departure. Christy still wouldn’t be speaking to me if we had run into those conditions.

I got up at 0630 to listen to Chris Parker’s weather synopsis this morning. He said that the sea state off Cape Canaveral was still 15 to 18 foot waves. I can’t imagine what Corsair had run into the day before….thank God we didn’t go.

Anyway, C.P.’s forecast says that we should have good conditions for heading out on Saturday morning……so I guess we’ll have to see.


T gramps said...

We are still on the dock in Pensacola. No rain here (yet) but the winds are pushing this big boat around like a toy. I'm glad we are tied up tight and I'm thinking of adding a line or two.

S/V Veranda said...

Yeah, its funny, we don't really have any obnoxious winds but we're getting rain by the bucket.

Anonymous said...

We spoke to Corsair's captain in Vero on Saturday; we took the ditch to Daytona. He was talking about leaving .. I said "don't go" . Sorry to hear they left port. We're tied up at the Halifax Marina in Daytona..if the winds subside tonight, we'll make a run for home (Jax) tomorrow. If not, then Saturday.

Sorry we missed you and Christie in Vero. We enjoyed our visit and met many nice folks.

Terri and Larry s/v Vixen

S/V Veranda said...

Aw Jeeze, I can't believe we missed you. Were you at the gathering Saturday afternoon? We're hoping to get out of here on Saturday. If we can't we might have to start north in the ditch to make the insurance company happy.

Anonymous said...

With the cold front moving in, we left Vero Saturday morning. We'll follow your blog and maybe catch up with you and Christie in another port. If you need anything while in north Florida, feel free to contact us.